Kingsford Regal Flower is an online flower ordering and production florist, providing flower deliveries to the areas in Kingsford, and to other places covering from the East/South East Suburbs, and also, to the major memorial gardens in Sydney.  Delivery is free.    Please feel free to view our works on our facebook page.

Our contacts are as below:

Web Site: 



Now you can view or learn ikebana (flower art) from our facebook.


Telephone order Hotlines:

Australia Customers, 1300 028 028 or (02) 9663 2222 (English & Chinese中文)

Overseas Customers, ( +61) 421 499 000 or ( +612) 9663 2222

* Customers are welcome to call us to order.  If you want to send the flower card message content to us, you can SMS/WhatsApp to our mobile +61 421 499 000;

** If you are a remote florist and want us to deliver flower to Sydney Eastern Suburb for your customers, you can call us (02) 9663-2222 to discuss.

*** If you place an online order for same day flower delivery after 2pm, our system will only allow the delivery on the following day. In that case, please call us to confirm if we can manage the delivery after the cutoff time. We usually can manage delivery to Sydney Eastern Suburbs when your order comes as late as 3:30pm. 

**** If your delivery address are to the main hospitals, memorial parks, churches in Eastern Suburbs, you can select their names on the ordering page, our system will add the detail address.  They are: 

Prince of Wales (Public) Hospital, Prince of Wales (Private) Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Children's Hospital, Eastern Suburbs Hospital,

St Therese Catholic Church, St Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, St Michael's Catholic Church, Our Lady of The Rosary Parish Kensington,

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and Crematorium, Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium

UNSW - the university postal code is nsw 2052, the campus is located in the suburb, Kensington, Sydney (nsw 2033).  

NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) - it is on 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033 (right opposite to the UNSW campus). 


Designer's choice

When you order designer's choice, and have specific colour preference (eg. bright/soft/white), please detail it in the "Special Delivery Instruction" area in the Ordering page.


SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat 0421 499 000

For any queries, you can SMS or Whatsapp or WeChat us via 0421 499 000.


Cut-off time

Our online order cutoff time is 2 pm for same day delivery Monday - Sunday

* After the cutoff time, you can call us to confirm if we can manage the same day delivery for you.


Special Delivery Instructions

For all request on delivery, such as early/late/quick delivery, you can note in the "Special Delivery Instructions" in the Ordering page.



can i order some flowers for delivery to myself, such that I can give the flower to my love one direct?  

Yes, we can deliver the flower to your home or office.

can i come to pick up flowers.

we can deliver to your home or office.  we, Kingsford Regal Flower, have changed from a retail shop to an online shop since July 2018.

can you deliver at a specific time

appreciate if you could give us a delivery time frame of about 2 hours at least, eg. 9 - 11 am or 2 - 4 pm, that will be easier for our courier to arrange delivery.

when is the best time to place an order? 

you can order online before 2 pm Monday-Sunday for same day deliveries.  you can also place your order in the midnight, before dawn, or early in the morning say by 8 am, because our designer might still be around at the fresh flower market.  that will be definitely an advantage.

you have too many choices that i don't know how to choose.  what do you suggest?  

our popular choices are: RBX175 RBX305 RBX164 RBX163 RBX164 RBX303 RBX150 RBX189 RBX138 RBX233 RBX178 RBX325 RSY049, RBK190 & designers choice

i am from the overseas, and i am not familiar with the Sydney suburbs directions.  how can i know which suburbs you can deliver.

you can try to click into the flower product you want to choose as an ordering process, then you will find [delivery suburbs] where you will find a listings of suburbs that we can deliver.  thanks.

UNSW graduation ceremony.  Can you deliver to the school.

we can deliver the flower to your home the day before or early in the morning.  or, we can deliver to UNSW near the school library.  please provide a contactable phone number, our courier will call you for delivery. (*please indicate clearly you want the delivery to UNSW or to the University of Sydney,  because there might be buildings of the same name for both universities)

i need to go to the University of Sydney for a graduation.  can you deliver a bunch of flowers to me just to the UNSW dormitory in Kensington in 1.5 hour's time.  

it is not enough time for us to prepare and to deliver to you, apart from our daily usual work schedule and delivery jobs.  in that case, it is better if you can order the night before, or the day before.  thanks.

i want to send flowers to UNSW.  i would like to know about what time you will deliver the flower, because the recipient might leave the office earlier today.  how can i contact you.

you can call us, or sms us on 0421 499 000.

can i order a delivery to NIDA for a school dance performance for the evening.  

We can deliver to the front desk in their office hours.  please let us know the show name and time.  thanks.

i want to place an order, and can you send me the invoice receipt immediately.  this is the order for our company, and i will be away for holiday from tomorrow.

in that case, it is better if you could order online, there will be an invoice receipt email copy for you once the order is placed.

i want to order the cheapest one $48.  can you do something different for me.

yes, you can order our designers choice.

i want to place an order for $100 for my wife.  can you do something very nice for her.  that is for our wedding anniversary.

yes, you can order our designers choice.

i saw your white lily box and the price choices are only $69 and $100.  there is no $80 or $90 price options.  please advise.

you can order designers choice ($39, $50, $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $200) and put a request for all white; or similar like the white lily box.  thanks.

Today is Monday, but i want to order a flower delivery for next Monday (not for today), because i will be out of town next week.  in such case, do i need to put a remark to remind you.

if you could select correctly for the date of the delivery, we will deliver according to the date you chose.  so no worry.

i want to send some flowers for my friend having a baby in hospital, should i send to the hospital or to her home, which is better.

normally it will take several days in hospital, and it is quite often, that customers might swift off their mobile phones that we cannot call them to arrange for delivery to their home.  if you could give us your friend's correct name registered in the hospital, even we cannot call her, we can check with the hospital and deliver to her.

i want to order a flower for new baby for our customer.  but i am not sure whether it is a boy or a girl.  how can i order.

you are welcome to place an order.  in this case, we will do a colourful arrangement for your customer.  it is also popular to use a yellow colour tone for new babies, either for boy or girl.

can i still place a late order for same day delivery to the Sydney Children's Hospital even after your cutoff time at 2 pm.  how can i order.

you can call us to enquire.  we might be able to deliver to the hospital for you in the late afternoon.

can i send flowers to the ICU ward in the Randwick Hospital?

ICU normally cannot accept flowers.  we suggest you can choose our balloon arrangement or teddy bear.  that will be more suitable.

can you do early morning deliveries, ie. before 9:30 am? 

yes, we can deliver as early as 8 am in the morning, but please order the day before so we have time to prepare the flower.  

how can i send you the instruction note regarding the delivery

you can find "Special Delivery Instructions" column on the online order format where you can leave your note to us, or simply sms us by 0421 499 000.

i've just placed an order, and forgot to put my request that the flower is for a man, can you adjust the color a bit, especially to change the pink color box.  i can give you my order confirmation number so that you know which is my order.

you can simply give us a ring, and let us know the name on your order.  we will look after you.

i have just placed an order for tomorrow delivery when i realised that i already passed in 5 minutes for your same-day delivery cutoff time at 2 pm.  can i put a request, if possible, you can deliver on the same day for me.

you can give us a ring right after you placed your order.  please let us know the name for your order, we will try our best to help you.  or, next time you can simply put in as a remark that the flower can be delivered on today or tomorrow.  thanks.

i quite like your arrangements of $39/$49 range, but i would like to spend more for more flowers, how can i order.

most of our arrangements have "superior" or "deluxe" options, you can click into the photo and there will be different prices for you to choose.

we are a florist from the northwest of Sydney, can you do a delivery for us to the Royal Hospital for Women.  how can we place the order.

you can call us, or you can order online, cheapest from $39.

i would like to place an order for delivery to the Prince of Wales Hospital, but i don't know whether it is private or public hospital.  can i still place the order.

in that case, please provide the recipient's full name (maiden name as well if for female patient), so that we can check with the hospital for you.

i have just placed an order for the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park delivery, but i would like to do some changes on the message card, how can i inform you.

you can call us; send your note through our "contact page" (this page the format above) or sms/WhatsAapp/WeChat us on 0421 499 000.

i want to order a wreath for a funeral.  do you have the option for a wreath with a tripod stand.  and, can you deliver on Sunday.

yes.  yes.

i want to order the designers choice wreath, how can i inform you the colour tone i want.  

yes, there is a "special delivery instructions" column on the online order form.  you can put your requirements there.  or, you can give us a call to let us know.

Can i order a wreath for the ceremony that will start in two hours time in the St. Spyridon Church in your area.

we normally need half day to do a wreath with delivery.  if there is not enough time, we suggest you can order a sheaf.

i want to order a flower arrangement for a funeral tomorrow at 10 am in the morning.  when is the time i should place the order.

for funeral flowers, we normally need at least one day's notice for our preparation works.  in this case, appreciate if you could place your order one day before.  thanks.

i want to order the funeral flowers.  what is your cheapest price.  please advise.  

we have designers choices for arrangement and bouquet bunch, from cheapest $39 to $200.  if you choose designers choice bouquet bunch, you can put a remark that it is for funeral ceremony, and request the bunch to be in a sheaf shape, we will do it for you.  we also do wreaths, the cheapest price is $120.  thanks.

Do you do wedding posy.  i cannot find the wedding flowers on your website, please advise.

we have something similar shown on our website, as rose posy in vase.  you can also refer to our facebook page where we have demonstrations/youtubes to show how to do posies and arrangements.  of course, you are welcome to email/sms us to enquire.

what is the difference between ordering online and by phone.

We appreciate if you can order online.  of course you are welcome to call us to place an order.  the only difference is that when you order online, you can get 5% discount if you register as our member; and you can get immediately a confirmation email invoice copy for your record; also, you will receive an email of notification from us when the flower was delivered. 

i want to order a designers choice.  can you send me a photo for my record.

yes, customers can request to have a photo.  you can put your request on our [special delivery instructions] and we will send the photo to your mobile number accordingly.  we might sometimes put the photos on our facebook pages.  please feel free to view our facebook pages.

i want to order a flower delivery to the Eastern Suburb.  if i order by phone, is there also free delivery charge.


i called on Sunday several times without success, i then ordered online, and you delivered my order accordingly.  but i want to know do you take telephone orders on weekends or Sundays.

we mainly do online orders.  of course, customers are also welcome to call us to place your orders.  sometimes we are busy at the moment that we cannot take your calls.  you are welcome to email us, through the [CONTACT REGAL FLOWER] format on top of this page, or SMS our mobile number 0421 499 000 for your needs.  thanks.

i called at 6.30 pm. but nobody answered the phone.  please advise how i can contact you to place an order.

you can order online, or email us or SMS our mobile number for your urgent needs.  thanks.

what is the difference of your superior & deluxe option choices.

more flowers

Can i put in a long message to go with the flower, or i can only put in short messages

yes, it is up to you to put in a short message or long message.  we can print it out for you.

will you charge for the message card.

we won't charge for the message card.  

are you selling fake flowers or real flowers, because your photos are very beautiful.

we sell real flowers.

i know that you can deliver to the Randwick hospital, can you deliver to St. Vincent's Hospital, and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and St George Hospital?


i know that you can deliver to UNSW, can you deliver to the University of Sydney?


i know that you can deliver to St Spyridon Church, can you deliver to Kingsford Church of Christ, Holy Trinity Kingsford, Kensington St George Coptic Orthodox Church, St Martin's Anglican Church, Our Lady of The Rosary Parish, Daceyville St Michael's Catholic Church, Maroubra Baptist Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Randwick Our Lady of The Sacred Heart Church, St Jude's Anglican Church, and Matraville St Agnes Church, and Rosebery Macedonian Orthodox Church of Sts Kiril and Metodi.


i know that you can deliver to Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, can you deliver to the Macquarie Park Cemetery, and the Rookwood Cemetery?  and, can you print a Chinese message card?

yes.  yes.

I would be happy to write a review for you on your website to express my satisfaction.  If you wish me to do so, please let me know where to place the review.  Thank you again and keep up the great work.

thank you.  we are delighted to know you like our service.  you can write a review on the Regal Flower page in Google, on the link below,

i love your work and the way that you make the flowers in it.  It's absolutely amazing.  I'm actually looking for learning flower arrangements so could you teach me?  I'm looking forward to hear from you.  thanks.

you are welcome to view our facebook pages where we have demonstrations/videos to show you, eg. how to do reception flowers, table centre flowers, wedding posies and different arrangements for different occasions.  hope you will enjoy.

We have been coming to your Anzac Parade shop for years, and we are happy you are still in business.

thank-you. :)

what is your name on the instagram



Any other questions?

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